Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ignoring My Family for my Art

Geri Kitty is the most put out by the lack of attention:

Geri: "Hey mom you can pet me now"
Me: "I'm working, I can't."
Geri: "I don't think you understand...I am giving you permission to pet me now"
Me: "Can I pet you later?"
Geri: "I'm going to go pee in your shoe"
Me: "Wait...What? "
Geri: " said toodaloo!"

~2 hours later~
Me: "ok Ger I can pet you now"
Geri: " Um, no thanks. My fur is going in the right direction now, if you pet me you will undo 2 hours of hard work. I would rather you didn't touch me."
Me: "But I'm done working so I can pet you now! "
Geri: "If you pet me I will scratch the flesh off your arm. I will come find you later when I am ready...say 'round 1am? Now go away before I cut you."

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