Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I Buy On Etsy #2

About seven years ago we threw an awesome party for about 170 people. We had a live band, plenty of home brew beer, and amazing food…Oh yeah, and we got married. I have a big family and we are all really close, so it was a given that my wedding would be no small affair. I thought it was important to spend money on what mattered; food, booze, and a band. I had no idea that the flowers would be such an issue. The poor little hamster running the squeaky wheel in my head had to work overtime, but I finally realized, all of those people would have to sit somewhere. That meant lots of tables…and all of those tables had to have centerpieces. So after adding it up I went to the florist with the number of centerpieces I would need and she gave me a ballpark figure for how much that would cost… Then the hamster fainted.
This is where Hydrangeas come into this rambling story…see I do have a point! We decided to use one large hydrangea for each center piece, yes they were inexpensive, but in the end the tables looked so beautiful I could not imagine doing anything else. Naturally I now have a special place in my heart for hydrangeas. When I saw this necklace in Candice’s shop I just had to have it.

Every time I wear it I think of my wedding day, I know..awwwww. Her jewelry is just beautiful and the quality is outstanding. Here is a little quote from her profile:

"I love to hammer, shape, connect, patina, and texture metals. I purchase most of my findings such as wire and raw brass chain. I then put my own patina on it, make my own headpins and earwires. I love working with fine silver, forming it and fusing with a torch. Then comes the real fun of designing something with it!"

Not only does she make exceptional jewelry, she is also a great pleasure to work with. She has a wonderful selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. Go to her shop and check it out right now…hurry…I’ll wait.

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