Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I Buy On Etsy

Yes I have a shop on, but I am also a buyer. I can’t tell you how many things I see on a daily basis and think…I MUST have that! What a wonderfully diverse and talented group of amazing artists, crafters, vintage finders and all around fabulous people. I decided to start a new series of regular posts showcasing my purchases on Etsy. I love the idea of finding unique handmade goods, ordering custom work and supporting people who love to make things or are living their dream of working for themselves. I have quite the collection already and as I buy these wonderful goodies I will try to take a snapshot of them and share them on this little blog, so you can see why my paypal account is always so low!

The first item I would like to showcase is a recycled paper mosaic made by Lauren Snyder of
Not only is Lauren a dear friend of mine, she is also a fine artist. I wanted something special for my two-year-old son’s new "big boy" room. I wanted it to match the colors and décor I already had and I wanted it to be just for him with an "E" for Evan. I knew Lauren could make something special and she did!
Lauren collects used greeting cards, and other scraps of colored paper, and cuts them into little paper tiles. She paints her design on canvas and then mosaics with the recycled paper. What would have been trash is now a lovely piece of art! Her work is done with such detail and care; you can really see her artistic passion come through. Please check out Lauren’s Etsy shop and see her full collection of beautiful recycled works of art.